Nectar™ Live Sauce Cartridges

We process in single strain batches*, preserving and using only batch-specific terpenes from each processed plant. This results in a unique product with every harvest and a rich terpene profile you can taste.

The Pinnacle of Freshness

Our Live Sauce cartridges are created from full spectrum extract and whole-flower, single-strain distillate from fresh cannabis plants that were flash frozen right after harvest. This preserves the strongest profile of terpenes and essential oils, resulting in a delightful, high-potency product.

*Note - Except our Farmer's Choice CBD blends


Available Strains 


Ancient Lime
78% THC
Ancient OG Phenotype
Lime, Hops, Earth

80% THC
Trainwreck x Jack the Ripper
Citrus, Floral, Spicy

Dairy Queen
77% THC
Space Queen x Cheese
Cream, Earth, Sweet

Professor Chaos
77% THC
Mad Scientist x Jack the Ripper
Sour, Citrus, Spicy





Fog Berry
80% THC
Ancient OG Phenotype
Floral, Earth, Clove

80% THC
Ancient OG Phenotype
Floral, Pine, Citrus

Eel River Kush
83% THC
Platinum Hellfire OG
Earth, Citrus, Wood



Charlotte's Web 2:1
CBD Dominant Hybrid
Floral, Hops, Pine
50% CBD : 25% THC

Farmer's Choice Blend
1:1 CBD Blends
Hops, Floral, Berry
50% CBD : 50% THC



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