Amber™ Concentrates

Nothing beats the flavor of dry-farmed cannabis. Our plants grow in a natural environment and are exposed to the elements along the bank of the Eel River without additional irrigation. Dry farming outdoors cause the plant to develop higher levels of essential oils and cannabinoids. In short, a richer terpene profile and more flavorful experience for you.

Regenerative, Dry-Farmed Cultivation

Eel River Organics is setting the standard for sustainable agriculture. We farm living soil through companion and cover crop diversity, which allows us to produce exceptionally high-quality crops with minimal external inputs. Only clean, whole flower cannabis goes into our full-spectrum, 100% pure cannabis concentrates.


Concentrate Type 


Live Diamonds

Live Diamonds are made from fresh flower that was flash frozen immediately after harvest. Diamonds are crystaline structures cured in a high terpene solution.

Available strains: Ancient Lime | Charlotte's SurpriseProfessor Chaos | Fog Berry



Live Resin

Live Resin is made from fresh flower that was flash frozen immediately after harvest. Our Live Resin is known for the preservation of our uniquely strong dry-farmed terpene profiles, caturing the essence of the plant with a fresh from the field flavor.

Available strains: Charlotte's SurpriseChernobylDairy Queen | Professor Chaos | Platinum Mermaid | The Doctor | Eel River Kush | Sno-Gee




THCa isolate is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid with no taste or flavor. Left unheated, THCa can be consumed in meals or dissolved into drinks with no psychoactive effects.

Available strains: The Doctor | Sunshine Surprise



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